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Small Claims & Property Damage

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You may find yourself in need of the Small Claims Courts to recover money that is owed to you.   It might be a contractor who failed to complete a contracted job, a person who borrowed money from you and failed to repay you, or someone who damaged your property and hasn’t paid you for the damage.

The Small Claims courts in Connecticut are designed for use by people, without need of the assistance of an attorney.  We can guide you on filing your claim, and answer your questions about the filing process.  If the other party is represented by an attorney, we can represent you in negotiations and at court.

The current limit for claims in Small Claims court is $5,000.00

If you are successful in court and are granted a judgment, we can also provide you with guidance on collecting the money owed to you.

If your property has been damaged by someone else, an Insurance Company may be involved in settling your claim.  Our office can guide you on that process.  We may be able to discuss your case with the insurance company and help you reach a fair settlement. 

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