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Frequently Asked Questions

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I pay my dues, why don’t I have Legal Services?   -- Your eligibility for Legal Services is based upon having worked 160 hours in covered employment in the past 10 months.  No part of your Union Dues is paid over to the Laborers’ Legal Service Fund

Can the Legal Service represent both me and my spouse in a divorce? ---No, your spouse’s eligibility for our services ends once a divorce (or legal separation) begins.  And equally important, an attorney is an advocate for one party.  An attorney is not allowed to represent both sides in a dispute, or even in a possible dispute.

Will the Laborers’ Legal Service pay for an attorney that I choose? –No, the Laborers’ Legal Service has staff attorneys that are available to represent our eligible Laborers in matters covered by the Plan.  In some instances, our Managing Attorney may determine that a lawyer not on our staff is required, but that decision must be made by the Managing Attorney.    A Laborer should always feel free to engage the services of the attorney who will best meet their needs, but the Legal Service Plan does not provide for payment to non-staff attorneys unless authorized by the Managing Attorney under the Plan.

I’m not eligible, can I pay for the Laborers’ Legal Service to represent me? ---No, we are not allowed to represent anyone who is not an eligible member of the Plan, and we are not allowed to take any money from our clients in exchange for our services.

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